Do you know why aircraft or Space X pilots use checklists every time they do their job? While they could probably do their job without thinking about it, they know their position and place in the organization is mission-critical. There’s no room for error and no need to take unnecessary risks. Checklists help prevent mistakes.

As a Scrum team member, whether it be a Developer, Technical Specialist, Product Owner, or Scrum Master, your position in the team is mission-critical to the project’s success. It’s not meant to sound corny; however, the fact is, if you’re on a team to complete a task, that same task may be mission-critical to the success of the company or organization.

Table of Contents

I created this expanded checklist for my personal use to run various project types. I’ve just finished updating it November 28, 2022, it’s now more industry agnostic.

This checklist is intended to help you Run a Scrum Project, Start to Finish. While its foundations are based in traditional Scrum, I’m not a purist. I’ve taken the best part of Scrum and mixed them with standard Agile (and a little Waterfall). It’s worked for me, so I hope it works for you too.

Some items are missing that I will update soon, such as best practices for burndown/burnup charts and the likes. I’m also open to feedback on what to add to this Notion document.

Here’s to a great project! ~r 🥃

The Start to Finish in “Four Steps” Checklist

How to use

It’s straightforward; follow from top to bottom to complete the steps. Pertinent items are linked (bolded and underlined). Each link will bring you to the terms database for a definition or description. This is not an exhaustive checklist, but it’s a great start (if I do say so myself, and I do).

Below you’ll see under “The Checklist” arrows next to the four parts. If it’s not expanded already, click on the arrow to expand it.

Learning the Trade

Please look at the ever-expanding terms database, known mistakes (we’ve all made), tools, and the links/books page. Read, do, and ask questions (contact me). This is the way.

Go through this list and click away. Also, I recommend you save this to your own Notion via the Duplicate link in the upper right and edit as needed. It’s a great tool.

The Checklist