Hey there; I’m Ryan. I’ve been doing Project Management for the better part of 15 years (here’s my resume). I started with Waterfall, moved to Hybrid, and then into Agile. I’m still a big fan of Hybrid.

<aside> 🙄 Comments or Concerns? If you found something wrong in this guide, be it vocabulary or context, let me know. 🙏


I made this Agile guide to help me through my individual Sprint Planning meetings and teach (preach it!) others how Agile Scrum works. Yes, I do use this.

Note, however, that I’m not a Scrum purist. I sometimes bend the rules quite a bit to achieve the necessary outcome(s). The great thing about the Agile way is this is allowed and encouraged.

Please be aware that I don’t make money from this, nor will you find any affiliate links within, this is to help us all without cost.

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